Add This Brand-New Brain-Boosting Hobby to Your Life!

MuKeyCo (Music Key Contest) offers competitive contests for you to boost your musical abilities and holistic life skills, and lessons to ensure you learn new material efficiently and with ease. Through MuKeyCo, numbers and letters will flow through your brain at a speed you never thought was possible! Our contests and preparation process are designed to help anyone of all ages (3-senior) learn music to enhance their motor skills, cognitive speed, and mental capacity. Join us, and start learning and building upon your musical abilities with this fun hobby!

Through MuKeyCo, you can track your progress, diagnose what you still need to learn and improve on, and achieve accomplishments for your learning and successes. You can quickly become proficient in sight-playing piano or any other instrument of your choice.

Are you a fan Sudoku or Chess? You will find that MuKeyCo is a holistic, mentally boosting game that can become your new hobby. Sharpen your musical skills with discipline and dedication and start familiarizing yourself with musical themes, concepts, and rules. Also, these contests will give you a rigorous testing mindset, which will help you for current and future exams and contests.

Register NOW to start learning and then take a test to determine what level of musical ability you have!

Music is like a language of its own, just like the language you speak, or like math and other concepts. It is made of many different elements and follows guidelines and rules that help you create great works of art. These elements can be separated into themes, and all these themes are related to each other in a conceptual chain. To master music, you first need to understand the method and formulas for each theme, and then build your intuition through exercises and contests.

MuKeyCo is a unique game that utilizes real music to help you learn and achieve each milestone. All you need to do at the start is to recognize the letters and numbers 1-9. Even if you don’t know how to read music yet, with our method, you will be able to quickly learn and participate and show off your skills! So, are you interested in putting yourself to the test? You’ll quickly see you have the ability to hear, read, and play music well.

Once you have joined, you can work to level up and join virtual piano lessons hosted via Zoom monthly. These lessons can quickly enhance your musical knowledge and skills that can be applied to your playing proficiency. Remember that building a strong foundation of musical concepts is necessary to successfully take up music as a lifetime hobby to enrich your life.

Do not worry, just follow our guide and structured system, you will discover the many life-long benefits you gain from MukeyCo!

To become a talented musician who can efficiently play instruments and create music, you must have the right mindset. Aspiring musicians often struggle with playing instruments the right way despite working hard. The key is to use the proper method of instruction and practice. Join MuKeyCo to get access to professionally trained musicians and coaches who can help you genuinely engage with music.

In fact, when learning music, the most crucial stage is the very beginning! It is far more efficient, effective, and relieving when you have experienced teachers and methods to guide you through the fundamentals and foundation. Our certified teachers are here to guide you to make your lyrical and melodious dreams come true! Our online lectures will help build a sense of how to understand and play well within each theme and help you connect the concepts with real-life practical components and math concepts.

Our contests will strongly encourage accuracy, preparing you for other competitions and tests you will take in the future. Believe in your musical abilities! Get an evaluation of your skills so you can set a goal and work towards achieving it. You can always do better!

Our test will engage you with monthly contests hosted by us. Register for a contest by the 6th of the month and prepare to compete. Our members can get started with as little as $28 or $38 (non-member) per test with online or in-person testing with a designated proctor. For a supplementary sight-reading proficiency test, only add $25 more.

We are here for you, and with our successful and remarkable records of students from young to adults, we know your dream will come true.

Our contests are designed to promote learning through competition. We focus on developing the following 8 essential themes: Fundamentals, Keys & Scales, Triads, Chords, Rhythm, Keyboard Proficiency, Intervals, and Cadences.

Each of these themes will be further divided into 5 levels; on each level, the questions will grow in terms of difficulty and conceptual complexity. The allotted time to answer the questions will decrease, evaluating both your speed and accuracy. Each level will have 3 sections and each section will have 10 questions.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Keys & Scales
Keyboard Proficiency

Every level and theme of the contest is designed to test your knowledge about:

Part 1: Ability to identify the key elements through visual testing
Part 2: Aptitude at understanding required concepts through aural testing
Part 3: Capacity to showcase knowledge about important ideas through playing.

If you manage to answer these questions accurately, you are bound to get a good score. Our inspiration is to make this like any other standardized academic test such as the SATs, ACTs, and even other music theory exams like RCM and ABRSM and more. This method is specially designed for students to increase their confidence and comfort with tests. We believe that comprehensive testing can make other single contests easier for you.

Our Time Scores are based on how fast you get through the test. Once you cross the 4-minute mark, your time score will decrease after every 30-second interval.

Your final rank + performance on monthly test + speed = 100 Grand Total Score Points

As mentioned before, there are additional sight-reading tests that you can take to better your music reading proficiency. Plus, if two contestants get the same score on the general tests then we can consider your sight-reading test score to break the tie in your favor!

There are many awards and recognitions you can receive:

  • Theme: Recognition for the top five contestants in one of 8 themes.
  • Level: Recognition the top five contestants in one of the 5 levels, combined scores for all themes.
  • CLEF System: Reach up to 7 milestones through lesson curriculum
  • 365 Global CLEF Awards Competition
  • MTE Founder: Completed the 5 levels of a theme? Congratulations, now you are eligible to partake in the Founder Challenge Championship.
  • MTE Master: If you have successfully finished the 5 levels of 5 themes when you can become a contender in the MTE Mastery Championship.

Find out more about this once you become a part of the MuKeyCo family.
You will be listed in the rankings for all contests you have participated in with the following format, so make sure to keep a lookout!

Awards will be provided as:

Branch— City—- State—National—International

Our competitions are designed with a flexible margin, which is good news for you! If you have participated in the MTE Founder and Mastery Category and made it into the top 10, then you will be given recognition and a prize.

  • GRAND prize | Large Gold Medal: For the top scorer
  • Gold Medal: for the 2-4 ranking contestants
  • Silver Medal: for the 5-7 ranking contestants
  • Bronze Medal: for the 9-10 ranking contestants

Think you are a fast learner and don’t need to take tests right from the basics? Enroll in our customized monthly lessons for gifted learners to progress through lessons at a faster pace. You will be required to take the Final test, like all of our passionate learners, so we can determine your ability at analysis, speech, problem-solving, and other comprehensive musical skills.

*Note: If you skip levels, you will not be eligible for Founder and Mastery recognition.

No, contestants will be split by ages as follows: 3-5 Years old, 6-8 Years old, 9-14 Years old, 15-19 Years old, 20-35 Years old, 36-55 Years old, 56-69 Years old, 70+ Years old.

Younger contestants will be allowed to participate in any older group for special recognition.

Contest in three parts Monthly Exercise from Theme Speed Proficiency Exam Etiquette Grand Total
48 Points (16 x3 parts) 36 Points (12 months x3points) 14 Points 2 Points 100 Points

0:00-3:59 4:00-4:29 4:30-4:59 5:00-5:29 5:30-5:59 6:00-6:29 6:30-7:00 7:00-7:29
14 points 13 points 12 points 11 points 10 points 9 points 8 points 7 points

7:30-7:59 8:00-8:29 8:30-8:59 9:00-9:29 9:30-9:59 10:00-10:29 10:30 or more
6 points 5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 points 0 points

Sight Reading is a vital skill that requires mastery of all the skills and themes throughout MuKeyCo. This is a comprehensive test of your theory knowledge and practical abilities through real pieces. You will get a sense of your capability and improvement for your level through this special contest.

Contestants will be given two pieces to play instantly. Your scores will be based on the following rubric.

Accuracy Articulation Music Flow Tempo/Style Prorate Total
Piece1 /8 /4 /4 /4 /20
Piece2 /8 /4 /4 /4 /20
Total /16 /8 /8 /8 /40