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Music Theory Express Programs

We, at Music Theory Express, offer an intensive range of General Music Theory Courses that are strategically designed to help music enthusiasts learn to play musical instruments and polish up their skills. With a rigorous content that includes an all-inclusive learning option for students, matters not what proficiency level of playing instruments they are at.

We also excel in offering the “General Learning Capability” placement test, which gives an accurate depiction of what proficiency level you or your child is at, enhancing their learning abilities.

What Does Our General Music Theory Course include?

Our music theory programs are divided into two major categories, i.e., general courses and crash courses. An insight into what each plan includes is explained below:

General Course

The General Music Theory Course is designed for students to excel in every stage of playing musical instruments accurately. Our students can benefit from the following list of courses offered by our maestros:

  • Music Fundamental
  • Intervals
  • Triads
  • Chords
  • Keys and Scales
  • Rhythm

Crash Courses

Our crash courses are strategically designed to help students with their music exam preparation. This includes, but is not restricted to, offering extensive training for the following exams:

  • RCM (Levels 5-8)
  • ABRSM (Level 5-8)
  • AP Music Theory
  • Musicianship Achievement Program (CT)
  • Certification of Merit (CA)
  • Conservatory/University entry exams
  • Other Exams

An Insight into Our General Course:

The General Courses offered at Music Theory Express feature the following traits:

  • Each course comprises of 12 lecture provided by our master teachers
  • The duration for each class is a half-hour which emphasizes on Building Concepts and Practicing
  • Each class includes and extra tutoring sessions that are offered by one of our MTE-certified tutors
  • The outline for each class is designed strategically to have a thorough understanding of the concepts associated with the class.
  • The final lecture is an overall review of the concepts learned, focusing on critical thinking, and practicing for the last contest.

Music Theory Express – What Are The Benefits of Enrolling Into Our Programs?

With an emphasis on building concepts and practicing each skill learned, we, at Music Theory Express, believe in assisting our students in the most preeminent ways possible. Each course is strategically designed to entitle our students with the following benefits:

  • Each class is designed to give our students a thorough understanding of each topic from start to finish.
  • To master each topic, we suffice our students with 12-20 courses per issue.
  • Students are not only entitled to learning the music theory but are also taught how to play through sight-reading reading. This helps them understand each topic with logic, develops critical thinking, and helps them achieve confidence
  • With our strategically designed courses, the students will learn music most quickly.
  • Each course is structure keeping concepts and practicality in mind so that you can apply the skills learned to improve your playing ability.

What Others “Music Theory Courses” Fail to Offer?

Each course offered by Music Theory Express is an essence of Felicia’s 30 years of experience as a music teacher. Having interacted with countless students and helping them with their musical endeavors, Felicia has utilized her capabilities to develop an intensive course that is structured to help students master the art of playing musical instruments. Being a perfect brew of assisting students in learning music, here are a few of the reasons why other music theory courses differ from Felicia’s:

  • The concepts they feature are split-up into levels. Each level’s topics are taught together, making you have a complete understanding of only a few.
  • The duration is stretched up to a year to learn each topic.
  • Students only gain a surface-level of understanding for each concept.
  • Students might learn how to pass a test. However, they are incapable of utilizing the concepts while playing.
  • It requires a lot of time, money, and a lot of hard work.

What’s Felicia’s Theory? What is the “3EFM Method”?

Felicia’s courses of learning music theory are known as “3EFM Method”, which is an amalgamation of the following traits:




The benefits of her theory are immense and can be summarized as follows:

  • Focuses on teaching the entire concepts which can be utilized to improve your instrument-playing capability.
  • They strategized to help students learn through logic, critical thinking, and the ability to discover and apply the concepts to their repertoire.