With an emphasis on building concepts and practicing each skill learned, we, at Music Theory Express, believe in assisting our students in the most preeminent ways possible. Each course is strategically designed to entitle our students with heaps of benefits.



The piano is the best learning tool for all ages, and it increases your motor skills, logic, learning habits and more! We will teach you the basics of the keyboard, how music notation works, how you can play around various keys to make your own tunes with what you learned here! And perhaps most importantly, we will teach you the learning mindset that will help you not just in music, but in all of life!

Music Fundamentals involves precise, thinking logic, art of problem solving and creativity! Won’t be other academic subjects and life require the same principles?


If you can quickly determine the distance between two notes, your ability to sight read and learn new music will be greatly increased. Instead of stopping and figuring out each note, using your knowledge of intervals and logic will quickly lead you through any melody. With our method, you will learn to and practice recognizing and creating intervals in an efficient way, and through our mock tests, you will boost your precision and overall mental capacity, and will be ready to sight-read anything and ace any exam.

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Triads are groups of three notes played together, and they are vital to understand, they are perhaps one of the most basic building blocks to harmony, and being able to identify and play them can give you many new abilities. Many melodies and accompaniments are based off of triads, and you will be able to play more difficult pieces with larger textures, and you will be able to play complex passages with both hands at the same time more easily. With our method and mock tests, you will boost your ability to identify and play triads, and will be ready for further learning and success.

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Chords are slightly more complex than triads, and often contain a 4th note. But more importantly, you will learn how chords tend to lead from one chord to the next in music, which we call chord progressions. Understanding chords will allow you to play rich harmonies and be able to flow through more complex music, as you will understand the purpose for every single note in the piece! Our method will prepare you for higher level learning, and will ensure you have all the tools to identify every single chord and savor every single harmony

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Understanding scales, which are the notes that tend to be played the most when the music is in a particular key will save lots of time when learning music. Once you are able to play all scales of all keys, you will know exactly when you need to play black or white keys in any situation, and you will be able to play any melody or piece of music at any location on the keyboard!

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You will learn about how musical phrases work, and how these phrases harmonically progress and come to an end. Through this, you will also gain an understanding of how chords can build tension and resolve through these progressions and cadences. This will help you learn musical forms, enjoy music better, and become a better music listener.

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It's not all about what notes you play, it's also about when you play them! Developing a sense of beat is one of the most important things you need to do when learning when to play what you need to play. You will learn all the different types of notes, their values, how long you play them, or how long you wait until you play them. We will make sure you are prepared to face any rhythms you'll see for the rest of your life, and be able to understand and feel any rhythm you ever hear.

You got the Rhythm! Explore how many rhythm combinations you can apply to your composition and life?!


To learn music theory, Keyboard/Piano is considered the best tool to get complete understanding of music theory concepts. There are 88 keys, but your talent is unlimited! While it can seem daunting, 88 doesn't need to be a large, difficult number. By understanding octaves, black-key groups, and letter names, you can organize the piano into easily-workable groups. Through our method, you will be moving all around the keyboard with ease, making fun music at the same time

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